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Digital Transformation

Transforming Vision Into Result

Full-service digital transformation partner that integrates Strategy, Design, Engineering and Managed-services for Corporates & Government


1 AI-Powered Automated SEO

Boost your website's rankings with advanced AI technology

2 User technical manuals Chatbot

Seamlessly integrate a sma
rt chatbot into your manuals, delivering instant and interactive support to users

3 AI-Powered usability testing

Optimize user experience through AI user activities analyzer

How are Regulatory Compliance Challenges Affecting Drug Development?

How Generative AI Optimize the Inventory By Predicting the Customer Demand?


Automate processes & improve decision with analytic & artificial intelligence

Streamline Your Business with Expert Enterprise System Implementation

Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Empowering Businesses to Thrive in the Digital Age

Empowering Organizations with Robust Information Security Measures

Design & develop with award winning UX & process re-engineering team

Industry 2023

Podcast - Digital Direction

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CogniPath: How Generative AI Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency in Air Freight Forwarding?

Practicing ISO27001, we perform penetration test and data privacy assessment to ensure our solutions comply with security standard and data privacy ordinance

KY & Company Digital Capability Building

Digital Capability

What If Skill Assessment, Training & Development, and IT Governance Merged Forces?

KY & Company Consulting and Technology Career
Solve Global Problem, Create Tangible Impact

Start your exciting career in KY

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