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  • 1

    Air cargo system predictive maintenance

    Advanced detection of the machine downtime based on the ASRS performance track, environmental factors and workforce usage

  • 2

    Herbicide resistance

    Monitor and precisely spray weedicide on cotton plants to prevent herbicide resistance

  • 3

    Crop growth improvement

    Identifies potential defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil

  • 4

    Abnormal contruction product detection

    Detect cracks & abnomalty after installation

  • 5

    Finance transaction fraudulent detection

    Detect order & payment anomalies to prevent the transasction taking places & notify the owners for confimration

  • 6

    Hotel guest food idea suggestion

    Predict and propose dinning suggestion by capture the travel journey, traveller preference, hotel interactions and environmental factors

  • 7

    News aggregation & fraud news detection

    Classify fake news and trigger removal

  • 8

    Video classification & tagging

    Tag key objects in the video, determine the video rating and label categories

  • 9

    Advertisement & e-commerce personalization

    Push relevant advertisement and e-commerce items from learning the user interaction history, preference and profile

  • 10

    Chronic dieases preventation

    Clinical decision support to enable physician to identify the chronic dieases risk before it happens

  • 11

    Machine predictive maintenance

    Machine predictive maintenance Advanced detection of the machine anomalies based on the performance track, environmental factors and workforce usage Manufacturing Machine learning.

  • 12

    Shipment documents extraction, checking & preparation

    Validate & prepare the payment and transportation documents, hence lower the risk for custom hold & prepare for payment processing


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