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In KY and Company, all the employee are actually an entrepreneur developing the business and grow with the firm. Our core competency come from:

1) Education and cultural diversity;

2) Exceptional problem-solving skills that can identify the problem, determine root causes and propose a solution;

3) Best communication skills that can deliver a clear message to the different level of people;

4) Result-driven mindset to deliver positive financial impact.


Develop consulting sales pipeline and build a relationship with the corporate decision-makers. Develop white paper, promote KY & Co. business in different events and land the deal to create a win-win situation with the clients.

Senior Manager

Develop consulting sales pipeline, and act as the directly responsible party to the projects. Head from the engagement proposal till the end of project execution.

Engagement manager/ Technical Expert

Manage a team of senior and junior consultants. Develop a plan, exert governance from the beginning till the end of the project and react to any changes during execution. Steer the solution direction, communicate the findings and attract solution buy-in from all the levels of the clients. 

Senior Consultant/ Technical Designers/ Data scientist

Identify the problems, determine root causes and conduct hypothesis testing; Create analysis framework & methodology; Lead the discussions with the clients and propose an economical solution to fit the client requirement. Coach the consultants, provide technical input to the solution. Make sure the solution are practical and generate a positive impact on the customers

Consultant/Developer,  Innovation 

Perform research, analysis, and synthesis from the data collected during customer interview, data from third party and questionnaire; Hands-on technical implementation including but not limited to program development for artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, data analytics, etc.

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