In KY and Company, all the employee are actually an entrepreneur developing the business and grow with the firm. Our core competency come from:

1) Education and cultural diversity;

2) Exceptional problem-solving skills that can identify the problem, determine root causes and propose a solution;

3) Best communication skills that can deliver a clear message to the different level of people;

4) Result-driven mindset to deliver positive financial impact.


We value team effort and people from different culture and race with superb problem-solving skills, innovative mindset and technically skilled. As always, KY admires everyone to have the start-up spirit, and the drive to create minimal viable product. Send your CV to


We know candidates will get impatient about the interview process. but our 2 weeks process is critical to let both of you and us understand each other better. The process goes from 1) Resume Screening 2) Hiring Manager Interview 3) Technical/ Process Solving Evaluation 4) Coffee Chit Chat


Count down to your first day in KY & Company

Be an Impact creator and change maker now!


Sino Industrial Plaza,

9 Kai Cheung Rd,​​ Kowloon Bay

Hong Kong

Tel:  +852 2151 1398

Fax: +852 2151 0696

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