Empower your decision with Insight 

Our data analytics team helps you to manage the digital transformation with data

  • Business process and application design for both B2B and B2C applications

  • Ensure the process and applications are in GDPR, HIPAA compliant

  • Extract and load into the data lake from ERP, Portal applications and third party data sources with tools including but not limited to AWS glue, Xplent, Talend,,Stitch, Informatica Power CenterOracle Data IntegratorSkyviaFivetran, SAP Business object data integrator, mulesoft

Design to Data Collection

Uncover data value and equip the organization with data asset

  • Strategy and goal setting of the data projects

  • Design the data architecture that cater collection, analysis and modelling processes

  • Integrate with the ERP systems to capture the key features with Extract, Load, Transform

Features Engineering

Discover, re-engineer and test the features that drive better predictions

  • Data mining to extract features with domain knowledge

  • Study relevancy of the features

  • Transform the data optimal for machine learning

  • Design the methodology for features learning

  • Develop Model with Python, R and others data studio tools like google ML studio, AWS sagemaker, Azure ML, IBM Watson, Datarobot, Rapidminer

  • Develop processes that accumulate train and test data set

  • Generate more data set using different algorithms

  • Optimize the performance using different models, hyper-parameters

Insurance Agent


  • Holistic view of the customer in terms of the interaction, claims, financials and upsell items

  • Automate low hangout fruit claims and extract information from unstructured document data for claim processing

  • Support intelligent pricing in additional to the algorithm and manual evaluation for insurance policy

  • Automate and suggest portfolio allocation from ricks, capital flow, other key financial data - Measure broker performance and define placement ratio and incentive scheme for broker

  • Understand omni-channel journey and determine the customer interactions that increase sales conversion

Data model training & testing

Creating resilient models that empower decision under dynamic business environment

  • Build data model to fit the business scenario

  • Train the data model and validate the model using test dataset

  • Optimize the modal to improve machine learning performance

Visualize the result & connect the digital ecosystem

Unleashing the power of the insight

Visualize both the data model training performance with different metrics like classification Accuracy, logarithmic Loss, confusion Matrix, area under Curve, F1 Score, mean Absolute Error, mean Squared Error

and the project it the business performance

  • Connect the predictions to the operation system and hence the business processes.

  • Design operation, business and technical dashboards for business implications & technical fine tune.

  • Set up the processes to enable follow-up on the insight

Automate the machine learning process

Machine learning with ease

  • Automate the process from data feed, training to generate prediction

  • Set up the configuration interface to adjust the business 

  • Build up capability for the business and analytic team to master the data journey

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KY & Company is a global Digital Transformation consultancy that helps CXO & management create financial impact through strategy development, digitization and automation.


Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Process Workshop, Business Strategy & Digitization Roadmap Development

Project Management & Design

Business case development, planning & governance, Agile SCRUM, business analysis, Lean and six sigma design


End to end process Re-engineering, User Experience Design & Testing, Solution Development and Change


Bot development, Training, Tuning & Testing

User & Technology Research

UIUX Design, emerging technology research, process & technology consultancy study

System & Model Development 

Enterprise system development & implementation, low-code solution development, data model development, mobile & web full stack development


Process outsourcing, maintenance service, infrastructure orchestration & administration, devops

Capability Building

Awareness workshop, design thinking & innovation workshops, technical skill transfers

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KY & Company invents and adopts the digital solution including internet of things, customer experience, process automation, web app development & artificial intelligence. We take care of your entire digital transformation journey from the business case, design to implementation and performance.

Robotic Process Automation, Chatbot, Social Listening

Customer analytics, Omni eCommerce Channels, UX App

Smart Logistics, Hospitality, & Office

Smart Logistics, Hospitality, & Office

Organization & Change

Process Automation

Business Insight

Project Management



Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Supply Chain, Transportation, Property     Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services

Shared Service

Web & native app. multi-experience development platform, ERP systems

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KY & Company introduce free process and UX design workshops to enable our clients to identify opportunities, streamline processes and improve experience

Continued exploration of the process improvement initiatives from end to end process mapping to identifying re-engineering & digitization opportunities

UX Design

User Research, Branding, Storytelling, Usability testing, Visual design

Process Excellence 

DMAIC, EDIPT, Design thinking & Six Sigma Lean

Design thinking & rapid prototyping to drive user experience excellence. co-innovate the user journey, and hence improve both existing customer experience & target new market

Digital Awareness

Enable the organization to understand. leverage and adopt technology in an increasingly interconnected world

​Use Cases

Hotel book to checkout experience, Airline booking experience, Employee HR inquiry...more