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Enterprise system implementation

We combine our deep expertise in enterprise systems and digital transformation with a client-centric approach to deliver successful implementations. Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through the entire process, from system selection and business case development to system configuration, user training, and post-implementation support.

Process Re-engineering

1 Streamlined order fulfillment process for an e-commerce retailer, reducing lead time by 30% and improving customer satisfaction.

2 Redesigned customer service workflow for a telecommunications provider, implementing automated ticketing system and reducing response time by 40%

3 Optimized tender procurement process for a property developer, leveraging automation and workflow to track, validate and approve documents with compliance.

Supply Chain Management

1 Implemented a Blue Yonder cloud-based supply chain management system for a logistics company, improving shipment tracking, warehouse management, and transportation planning.

2 Deployed a Kinaxis real-time visibility & control tower solution for a sport brand, enabling end-to-end tracking of inventory, reducing stockouts, and improving order fulfillment efficiency

3 Deployed a SAP material and warehouse management modules for a logistics company, automating inventory control, order processing, and shipment tracking for improved operational efficiency

Customer Relationship Management

1 Deployed a SalesForce CRM solution for a sales team in the pharmaceutical industry, facilitating real-time access to customer data, sales updates, and omni channel communication.

2 Integrated a Twilio call center solution for a shared service provider, improving customer service efficiency, call routing, and issue resolution.

Human Resources

1 Implemented an Workday HRIS for a Global Supply Chain Management company, automating employee onboarding, performance appraisal, and talent management processes.

2 Integrated an HRIS with a learning management system for an educational institution, enabling efficient employee training, certification tracking, and performance development.

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