KY & Company is on the IT Service Providers Reference List For The D-Biz Program by ITC

KY & Company is pleased to be listed on the D-Biz Program IT service providers reference with capability to deliver:

1. Online business 網上營商

2. Online order taking and delivery, and smart self-service system 網上接單和送遞、智能自助服務系統

3. Online customer services and engagement 網上客戶服務和推廣

4. Digital customer experience enhancement 客戶數碼體驗升級

5. Digital payment / mobile point of sale 數碼支付/流動裝置零售管理系統

6. Online / cloud-based human resources management systems 線上/雲端人力資源管理系統

7. Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services 遙距文件管理、雲端儲存及遠端存取服務

8. Other online / custom-built / cloud-based business support systems like RPA, visualization, analytics 其他線上/度身訂造/ 雲端業務支援系統

KY & Company offers free consultation and workshops for the client to identify the best digital solution for your business. Feel free to approach us and book our workshop

KY & Company is a global Digital Transformation consultancy that helps CXO & management create financial impact through strategy development, digitization and automation.

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KY & Company is a global Digital Transformation consultancy that helps CXO & management create financial impact through strategy development, digitization and automation.


Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Process Workshop, Business Strategy & Digitization Roadmap Development


End to end process Re-engineering, User Experience Design & Testing, Solution Development and Change


Bot development, Training, Tuning & Testing


Process outsourcing, maintenance service, infrastructure orchestration & administration, devops

Project Management & Design

Business case development, planning & governance, Agile SCRUM, business analysis, Lean and six sigma design

User & Technology Research

UIUX Design, emerging technology research, process & technology consultancy study

System & Model Development 

Enterprise system development & implementation, low-code solution development, data model development, mobile & web full stack development

Capability Building

Awareness workshop, design thinking & innovation workshops, technical skill transfers

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KY & Company invents and adopts the digital solution including internet of things, customer experience, process automation, web app development & artificial intelligence. We take care of your entire digital transformation journey from the business case, design to implementation and performance.

Robotic Process Automation, Chatbot, Social Listening

Customer analytics, Omni eCommerce Channels, UX App

Smart Logistics, Hospitality, & Office

Smart Logistics, Hospitality, & Office

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Organization & Change

Process Automation

Business Insight

Project Management



Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Supply Chain, Transportation, Property     Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services

Shared Service

Web & native app. multi-experience development platform, ERP systems

KY & Company introduce free process and UX design workshops to enable our clients to identify opportunities, streamline processes and improve experience

Continued exploration of the process improvement initiatives from end to end process mapping to identifying re-engineering & digitization opportunities

Design thinking & rapid prototyping to drive user experience excellence. co-innovate the user journey, and hence improve both existing customer experience & target new market

UX That Fulfill More Than Just User Need

User Research, Branding, Storytelling, Usability testing, Visual design

Co-create Process Excellence 

DMAIC, EDIPT, Design thinking & Six Sigma Lean

Digital Awareness

Enable the organization to understand. leverage and adopt technology in an increasingly interconnected world

​Use Cases

Hotel book to checkout experience, Airline booking experience, Employee HR inquiry...more

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