Re-imagining the industry by digital transformation

We understand the pandemic has affected different industries. Corporates are looking for a more digital and automated way to deal with their customers and the internal processes. We picked three references from hospitality, property management and a toy designer firm to understand their pain-points and the solution impact.

Customers satisfaction is higher due to more responsive services

An international hospitality group has seen customer churn and satisfaction drop by 26% from the guest survey, and hence the group tap smart hotel solution into an advantage to streamline check-in, concierge services, food & beverage booking processes. Customers experience a more responsive, unified and curated service, thus stimulate their purchases within the hotel property. As a result, the unit revenue per guest is 22% higher.

Services become more personalized since more effort are dedicated to generate insight and engage customers

The operation and customer service back office team of a property management firm spent over 90% of their full-time equivalent on performing routine operation tasks, they missed the chance to review the digital feedback from the tenants and suppliers. Lately, the management team leveraged analytics solution and discovered the feedback are extremely helpful to the operation resources allocation & provide additional customer insight to the landlord. Operation data analytics team was formed to redesign and structure the customer data.

Employee work-life balance & more innovative ideas are being generated

A toy designer firm has 26% overtime last 2 years and the resignation rate has jumped 13%. They formed digital workforce initiatives that target 80% of the manual routine processes should be done by robotics process automation globally by end of 2020. By the first half of 2021, the team has already generated 2x more design and 20% more prototypes for their existing and prospective customers.

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KY & Company invents and adopts the digital solution including internet of things, customer experience, process automation, web app development & artificial intelligence. We take care of your entire digital transformation journey from the business case, design to implementation and performance.

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Smart Logistics, Hospitality, & Office

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KY & Company introduce free process and UX design workshops to enable our clients to identify opportunities, streamline processes and improve experience

Continued exploration of the process improvement initiatives from end to end process mapping to identifying re-engineering & digitization opportunities

Design thinking & rapid prototyping to drive user experience excellence. co-innovate the user journey, and hence improve both existing customer experience & target new market

UX That Fulfill More Than Just User Need

User Research, Branding, Storytelling, Usability testing, Visual design

Co-create Process Excellence 

DMAIC, EDIPT, Design thinking & Six Sigma Lean

Digital Awareness

Enable the organization to understand. leverage and adopt technology in an increasingly interconnected world

​Use Cases

Hotel book to checkout experience, Airline booking experience, Employee HR inquiry...more

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