The Intelligence Behind The A Product Sample Request Workflow

A multinational medical accessories sales office is struggling on the revenue improvement according to the regional sales director. The team is busy with the sales administration processes including

  • Inputting sample request over excel

  • Checking the free of charge contract terms & conditions documents

  • Approving the requests

  • Interacting with the supply chain team to align on the deliveries

  • Summarizing & analyzing all the communication and the request transactions for customer engagement strategy

,the sales director said.

They aim to free up at least 50% of the time for new customer engagement and marketing activities. Currently 2.5 man hours were spent for each transaction and there are totally 6k transactions (18k items) yearly. A luxurious 8 full time equivalent on low value sales admin processes create a big headache to the sales organization.

The sales office is partnering with KY & Company to streamline and digitize the processes with intelligence. We take 2.5 months to rollout the first minimal viable workflow solution capable to

  • Reduce user from 15 to 5 touchpoints

  • Convert customer requests instantly to the workflow system

  • Auto and manual approve the request based on rule engine

  • Digitize the contract documents for terms & conditions archiving and checking

  • Integrate with ERP system for direct sales orders and delivery order creation

  • Approved transaction was projected to the sales dashboard to define upcoming monthly sales strategy

Data becomes the company asset for workflow efficiency and customer segmentation strategy. By leveraging the past 2 years transaction data:

  • The document checking accuracy was improved from 78% to 92%

  • Auto learning is adopted to spot request abnormality as well

  • The overall process lead time was shortened from 5 days to less than 1 day

  • Approval accountability was clearly defined

  • Sales lead prediction

The workflow design factors operation transparency, automation and the sales intelligence into the overall design. KY & Company continues to scale the solution across the office regionally as the intelligent solution shows synergy when more workflow transactions and document data feed in.

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