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  • Trade Reconiliation & Confirmation

    Auto reconiliate the orders and the trade confirmation for brokers and traders.

  • Vendor Master Creation/ Update

    Extract from the vendor documents, validate the data in multiple sanction screening sites, create the vendors in the system with the supporting documents followed by approval process

  • Wire Payment Processing

    Letter of credit extraction to generate swift transaction message

  • After-Service Reporting

    Auto capture the customer problems, field service description, action taken, customers, billing and input them back to the system; archiving the signed reports to the system

  • Authorization & Signing Management

    Auto verification from multiple sets of documents, for instances, birth certificate, passport, ID cared, driver license, address proof, bank statement, updates and addition of the signers to the account.

  • Billing Document Processing & Checking

    Letter of credit, Bill of lading, custom delcaration documents checking, and processing in the system

  • Biometric Data Collection

    Automate data capture from multiple, disparate databases, systems. Quickly generate data insight for biometric data analysis.

  • Book Shipment & Shipment Monitoring

    Scrape data shipment best rate and monitor shipment reliability and inventory

  • Change Request Classification, Routing And Action

    Auto classify the inbound request, digitze the documents, log into the correct system to route to correct systems.

  • Change Request Processing

    Auto classify the inbound request, log into the correct system to route to correct systems and could perform some actions, for instance, account reset, application account request.

  • Cheque Processing

    Automated extraction of the key information including serial number, amount, payee and bank, problematic check screening, payees investigation and routing to the account

  • Competitor Research

    Scrap pricing data, product data from the competitor site for research

We are always here to have the end to end process transformation program for you

Automation CoE goes beyond tools; It is a framework that comprises of tactic, people, technology, know-how, culture & structure, which are essential to develop agility and result driven automations.

Holistic process review is a top-down approach to facilitate organizations to conduct end to end process evaluation, and hence activate and monetize the automation as a whole

CIO, CFO and COO shall reap the benefit from the holistic process automation roadmap with speed. The mindset shall be getting the return quick with human-robot collaboration instead of experimenting

Process automation projects are often delivered in week levels. Besides achieving the core business performance, consider operating the automation & robots in your design. Tap into the robot generated data to scale, transform your process & user experience.


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