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Digital Transformation

Security Penetration Testing Service

Our consultancy specializes in providing effective information security management solutions to businesses, aiming to protect their valuable information and assets. With a team of experts, we offer best-in-class services that help clients mitigate risks, comply with regulations, and safeguard sensitive data. With deep expertise in information security, we assist businesses in addressing complex challenges through personalized approaches tailored to their unique needs. Our services include risk assessments, compliance audits, and incident response planning to navigate the evolving threat landscape. Our skilled team utilizes various security technologies and practices such as risk management, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and security awareness training to identify and mitigate risks, promote security awareness, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Network service, Servers, Firewalls IDS/IPSs

Application protocol interfaces (APIs)

Frontend and Backend applications

Security Testing Components

Leverage vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and DDoS Testing to enhance your IT application security

Vulnerability assessment

Identify, quantify, and analyze security vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and applications

Penetration testing

Black box, gray box, and white box penetration testing to check and improve the security of applications and networks

DDoS testing

Checks whether a company’s IT infrastructure and applications can withstand numerous malicious requests from distributed sources undermining their availability and required performance

Testing approach

  1. In the planning phase, the rules of engagement were identified, scope of testing and test windows were agreed upon, and testing goals were set. 

  2. The discovery phase included automated vulnerability scanning along with manual testing to explore and understand the testing target and any vulnerabilities that could be detected by automated tools. 

  3. The attack phase comprised efforts to exploit any vulnerabilities detected, and to synthesize  knowledge gained about the environment, its technology, its users and its function into an escalation of privilege beyond that intended by the customer. 

  4. The final phase recorded all findings in a manner that supports risk assessment and remediation by the customer.

OWASP Web Security Testing Guide

NIST 800-115 methodology

SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors.

WASC Projects/ Classification

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