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What is Chatbot?

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Predicted use case by chatbot (purple ba

Source: Drift, Salesforce, Myclever, Audience

Confidence or overlook?

The use case of chatbot mainly focus quote to cash cycle and request to resolution cycles. Surprisingly, getting a quick answer in an emergency topped in the predicted use cases. Implication of this survey result is either respondents are highly confident to the accuracy of chatbot feedback or respondents are not aware of maturity of the chatbot.

Chatbot utilizes artificial intelligence to conduct textual conversation with human. It simulates human behavior to create a meaningful dialog with the counterparts. When we say artificial intelligence, it somehow synthesize the context using natural languages processing system rather than answer matching from extracted words.

Some Use Case

Which Industry?


Among the industry spectrum, E-commerce players reap the benefit of chatbot to convert enquiries into sales leads. The up-sell and cross-sell ability provide the enormous value to brands and retailers.

Source: Chatbot magazines

Problem Solving Chatbot

Emerging number of use cases on helping customers to solve their problems on the spot with the use of customer portal embedded in the messenger. 

Why Chatbot?

Top 5 reasons why chatbot is being used.

Source:KY Analysis

System integration

Seamless integration with the proprietary system enables information exchanges and changes usage behavior to self-service.


Never underestimate...

Chatbot Experience

Creating the best customer experience is the top reason to deliver value added service and promote brand value.

Voice of customer

For the organizations which apply outsides-in approach to their product and process design. Chatbot could help you to log the interaction and get insight from the customer directly. Some chatbots have integration with analytic tools to generate customer insights.

Organization Automation Architecture

Enquiries sometimes come with an request, which still require additional manual work to accomplish. e.g. sending an invoices, amending the order, etc. The requests can trigger additional robotics processes to minimize internal staff touch points.

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