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The Mindset Of Having Business With Startup Firms

By Mike Kwok and James Willis

Highly Agile & Flexible Delivery

Interview Script

J: How many companies would work with a start-up firm to unlock more opportunities in Hong Kong?

M: Very few in Hong Kong, we’ve seen the incubation program just started picking up this year, with more and more MNC engaging the SME for their product and services. Slow compared to the western but still a good sign.

J: Why most MNC companies are reluctant to work with the start-up firms?

M: I think it is the MNC management perception that small to medium size firms are not as reliable as the giants. Some management rated reliability as their no.1 indicator, which dictates their vendor evaluation process. With the status quo mindset, decision makers often stick with the giant service providers even when the service provider skewed up before.


J: Could you tell me what makes the MNC to buy services from a small to medium size firm like yours?

M: There are couple of benefits having business with us. Firstly, we perceived value based consulting and implementation. If you already in technology decision making position, I bet you might have hard time spending money for no value/ less than expected value from the solution. Wise CXO won’t spend money just for presentation deck, but they become more result driven and tap the advantages of the technology to improve productivity, reduce error, squeeze cost, enhance user experience. You will pay us for the value not for our effort.

Secondly, as a software as a service company, we will not bound ourselves to any kind of solution, since it will only limit our innovation. We are not a copy-paste expert but rather we drive something with more value.

Thirdly, Start-up entrepreneur acts very differently. We always have a sense of urgency and have to make sure the performance is delivered to sustain a continuous business. We couldn’t stop advancing because our mindsets are if we stay at the same point for 3 months, we will go out of business.


J: What is your belief being a start-up firms?

M: As a technology start-up firm, we would like to change the perception that technology implementation is a complicated process. We are capable to help our clients from identifying & adopting quick wins to developing a more strategic solution to disrupt the industry. We are so agile that every 1 to 1.5 months we could deliver something proven with value to you. Working with us is never an experiment, but a result co-creation process. So far we have already engaged few MNC clients, and they are quite happy with both of our tangible and intangible benefits delivered.

About KY & Company

KY & Company (KY) is a global management consultancy that helps CXO & management create financial impact through strategy development, digitization and automation. KY serves as a digital advisor and implementation partners for MNC to build an economical solution and digital ecosystem. With deep & extensive technical know-how on intelligence process automation, KY lies in delivering sustainable business performance for the clients.

Mike Kwok is the founder of the KY & Company and a digital strategist

James Willis is the partner of the KY & Company Digital Practice

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KY & Company is a global Digital Transformation consultancy that helps CXO & management create financial impact through strategy development, digitization and automation.


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